Internal Gear Pumps Supplier

Single shaft design & well supported on outboard bearing (except for one inside sleeve bearing) enables to pump products even with poor lubricating value unlike in the external gear pumps. Excellent Self priming, Insensitive to viscosities, Smooth quite flow & Low noise. Bracket / Gear box mounting allows free Expansion / Contraction - Alignment not affected. Easy Maintenance. Slow speeds ensure better pumping & longer life. Heating / Cooling Jacket possible. Choice of Mechanical Seal / Stuffing box is available for shaft sealing. Available with Inbuilt Relief Valve

Applications : Loading & Unloading of Tankers, Transfer of Liquids like, Batter, Bitumen, Butter, Caramel, Chocolate, Cheese, Fats, Fruit Drinks & Puree, Fudge, Gelatine, Glucose, Gum, Honey, Jam, Ketchup, Lotions, Molasses, Oils, Printing Ink, Chilly Paste, Shampoo, Starch, Syrups, Tar, Tooth Paste, Yeast Slurry, Etc.


Pressure Up To 14 Bar
Capacity Up to 800 LPM
Viscosity Up to 200000 cSt
Temperature Up to 200 °C
MOC Carbon Steel, SS 304, SS 316
Maximum Discharge Flow 175LPM