Plunger Type Dosing Pumps Supplier

Features : Precise Metering Devices. Flow Rate Adjustment From 0 - 100%. Metering Accuracy i s almost Independent of Back Pressure. Multiple Head Pump with Common Drive is available for mixing two or more liquids in a desired ratio. GMP Models available for Food & Pharma applications. Liquid Head & NRV Cooling or Heating Jacket is Possible

Applications : Polyelectrolytes, Caustic, Lime, Soap, Resins, Molten Sulphur, Acids, Boiler Chemicals, Cooling Water Chemicals, Gel, Cream, Toothpaste, Butter, Chocolate, Etc.


Pressure Up To 400 KG/CM2
MOC AISI 304, AISI 316, Hastalloy B, Hastalloy C, Etc.
Capacity 0 - 10,000 LPH
Pump efficiency 85 %
Working Temperature 5 to 150
Max Flow Rate 0 - 10,000 LPH