Twin Screw Pump Supplier

Features : Positive clearance between rotors ensures no metal to metal contact. This unique feature enables to run the pump even dry for some time without any damage & wear and tear is reduced to the minimum ensuring extremely long service life. Can handle fluids that do not have enough lubricating value and also very low or high viscous products. Lowest NPSHR, Axial smooth steady flow & Pulsation free output. Partial heating / complete heating / cooling arrangements are also offered. Available with Inbuilt Relief Valve.

Applications : Loading and Unloading of Fuel Oil and other products from Railway Wagon Rakes, Truck Tankers, Barges, Ships and Tankers. Bulk Cargo Handling. Lubrication, Circulation and Cooling. Long Distance Pipeline Pumping of Viscous Products. Process Pumping of Products like Bitumen, Molasses, Additives, Paraffin, Polyester, Lyes, Residues, Etc.


Pressure Up To 24bar
Capacity 20 to 500 m3/hr
Temperature -30 to +350°C
Viscosity Up to 100,000 cSt or more
MOC Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, SS 304, SS 316
Suction lift up to10MWC